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International Air freight

International Air Freight

Fast International Air Delivery

Worldwide freight services

Freight services

Road, air, train or overseas. We got it covered!

Worldwide freight services

Cross Border

We Transport any type of cargo to 9 African countries

Cargo Services

Flyways International handles any type of cargo by air, sea and road. Our rates are negotiable, Flyways staff is experienced in cargo clearing and forwarding. We handle with a personal touch.

Cross Border

We offer a highly reliable cross border transport system to our clients. We use a modern fleet of fuel efficient vehicles that results in lower distribution rates.

Air and Sea Freight

Besides cross border transport, Flyways offers air and sea freight services. Our core competences also include the planning and implementation of special, above all large-volume transport orders.

Welcome to Flyways Online

Flyways International Pty (Ltd) was established in 2004 to provide full load, loose cargo londs (CONSOL) both by Air and Sea Freight as well as shipping services in South Africa. We have 2 offices in South Africa, one in Cape Town and the other in Kempton Park, close to the OR Thambo International Airport.

We are specialised in custom clearing and consolidation box air and sea. In order to meet our customers' satisfaction, you can surely get the confidence of receiving careful attention, immaculate and qualified services from our operation team.